Spin Streak for Business

A loyalty app that cuts to the chase.

With Spin Streak, every time you play is a chance to win something great.

What is Spin Streak?

Spin Streak is a fun and fast pace way to win prizes and rack up loyalty points at your favorite business locations. Just scan and play the game for your chance to win great prizes!

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How It Works


When you’re at a participating location, place the app’s scanner over the Spin Streak code.


Now that the game has loaded, swipe down the red lever to see if you’re a winner. Keep in mind there are several ways to win!


You’ve won! Now follow the instructions on how to redeem your prize. Every deal has an expiration, so keep an eye on the clock.

What else can Spin Streak do?

Here are some features Spin Streak has to offer:

  • Every Scan is a chance to win a great prize.
  • Earn loyalty points with every visit; cash these in for rewards later.
  • Locate participating locations by gps and maps.
  • Keep track of all your winnings, current and past.
  • Track your loyalty points and view loyalty rewards.
  • Spin Streak is always thinking of new ways for you to win!

Have any questions?

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